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Curatorial Projects

The South Western International Film Festival is a four-day film and arts festival held in Sarnia, ON. As part of SWIFF, Cinegaze brings in artists like Luna Li, Dilly Dally, and Shilpa Ray for a concert series and film screening. For the 8th annual festival held November 3-6, 2022, I programmed the retrospective ISO screened at Cinegaze; each film was paired with a live set.

Koza paired with NOWHERE (1997)

Nicolette and the Nobodies paired with BLACK RODEO (1972)

Absolutely Free paired with VIDEODROME (1983)

The Besnard Lakes paired with RIVER OF GRASS (1994)

Shadow Show paired with STRAY CAT ROCK: MACHINE ANIMAL (1970)

A Loud Thing paired with ANATOMIA EXTINCTION (1995)

These are films about searching. From the underbelly of 1970s Japan’s chic party scene (Machine Animal) to the close-knit borough of Harlem (Black Rodeo), to kaleidoscopic queer raves in downtown LA (Nowhere) and a seedy town somewhere between Miami and the Everglades (River of Grass), each film follows disaffected characters seeking truth, power, freedom or belonging — augmented reality in the most literal sense. Pushed to extremes with cyberpunk body horrors Anatomia Extinction and Videodrome, we contend with the ways unfettered ambition can change us beyond recognition.

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